Top 5 tv series Hollywood 2020

These are few best upcoming Hollywood TV series of 2020:

  1. The Wheel of Time : The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy series, adapted from the homonymous saga written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The story unfolds under the social and cultural system of the seventeenth century. The Aes Sadai, a powerful strength of women, seem to dominate by their ability to contact the Unique Power that is obtained from the True Source, which spins the vital Wheel of Time. The Age of Madness has come from the contamination of a part of the fountain leaving a ruined and disorganized world in its way of life.
The Wheel of Time

2. House of the Dragon : House of the Dragon will be set 300 years before Game of Thrones and will narrate the beginning of the end for the Targaryen House, the only surviving family of the ancient Valyrian civilization after its destruction. This family has a long and complicated history, there is incest, madness, wars, dragons, betrayals and much destruction, so seeing all that in a series would be very interesting, and it could help why Khaleesi lost his mind at the end of the original show.

3. Sex Education : In the first season of “Sex Education,” we met Otis Milbourne and his girlfriend Maeve, who set up a clinic with sexual counseling in Mordale High School – although Otis himself has no sexual experience at all. Using the professional experience of his mother working as a sex therapist, Otis gives advice on sexuality, porn and transphobia to classmates. In the second season, we will see 8 episodes in which Otis and his girlfriend Ola will explore their own sexual desires and look for an approach to intense friendship with Maeve and watch full tv show at Movieninja website.

4. The Walking Dead: Ten seasons in progress and ‘The Walking Dead’ remains one of the most watched series worldwide. And to continue exploiting the franchise, we have a new spin-off in which we follow a group of teenagers who have been raised between walls and protected throughout the zombie apocalypse.

5. Mrs. America: The mini-series with Cate Blanchett in the title role will tell the story of the lawyer and activist of the conservative party of the USA Phyllis Schlafly. Despite the fact that the action will unfold in the 70s of the XX century, this flixtor free movie story seems very relevant for our time, since it illuminates the problem of feminism from a rather unexpected perspective. The fact is that the main character is an anti-feminist who opposes abortion and the adoption of the amendment on equal rights of men and women.

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