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Torrent software is the best way to make sure that the user gets the best and latest downloaded attachment when it comes to torrents of any large files. It would also make sure that the user gets the best and latest software that can be used whenever needed to get results according to user requirements. This tutorial is all about Torrent download software and a general problem that can be solved using such programs in this regard.

Top torrent software

Here are the top programs that a user can install to make sure that torrent downloads are not an issue at all:

  • BitLord


BitLord is software running Windows and Mac OS, being also a free BitTorrent client and I think it is the easiest to use among downloader torrents. This software has an integration of the famous VLC media player.

Positives – Easy search of files and reading the file before the end of the download thanks to an embedded reader. BitLord software has the ability to play audio and video files and also Incorporates a security verifier to prevent malicious files. Support for RSS feeds. Streaming videos live from the web. Allows searching for subtitles online in several languages. Present system of comments on torrents files. You can watch the videos being downloaded on your Apple TV.

Negatives – Also advertises. The software is not open source

Download link –

The prices – Free

  • uTorrent The Torrent Software Center

uTorrent The Torrent Software Center

For a bit of uTorrent or uTorrent software history appeared around the year 2005 and remained the reference for downloads of large files using the bitTorrent protocol. It is the most popular torrent software in this download area.

Positives – Simple and easy to use, Too light, Free, Multiplatform, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. uTorrent Supported RSS feed and also provides the ability to convert your files to make them readable across multiple devices. The application is available even in mobile version (under Android). uTorrent provide Premium customer service and also have capacity to Reading of different formats.

Negatives – Too many ads and the software is not very secure because sometimes offering malware.

Download link –

The prices – Free

  • Autoru

It is by far the best and latest program that can be used to make sure that the user gets the best results and the overall methodology to download the torrent is also easily accessible to the user in this regard. Also note that the user needs to make sure that the official link is used to download the program.

Positives-   It is used by millions of users worldwide and is therefore reliable and in this regards one of the best and most durable programs

Negatives – The sowing feature makes loading speed slow at time.

Download link –

The prices – Free

  • Vuze

Vuze developed in 2003. it is a better and newer program that can be used to make sure that the user gets the best options when it comes to torrent downloads. It is also one of the best ways to make sure you enjoy high speed without any problem.

Positives – The interface is very easy to understand and work. The overall download speed is great

Negatives – Sometimes the program goes to non-responding because of the flash used in development.

Download link –

The prices – Free

  • Flood

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