A Beginner's Guide How To Download Movie Using Torrent

A Beginner’s Guide How To Download Movie Using Torrent

If you don’t know about how to download a movie using Torrent and if you want to download torrents movies then it’s very useful Articles for the beginners. This is A Beginner’s Guide How to Download Movie Using Torrent. With this, you can also download the movies using Torrent.
But remember one thing also that in most countries it is forbidden to download movies you did not buy and you could be fined or even jailed. In Torrent sites when you download the movie that time also contains explicit videos for adults, invasive ads, or viruses and it’s could harm your computer. In that case, you have to sure that what you’re clicking and downloading before taking a risk on your computer. Unless you take very great precautions, your IP address is public and may be registered by companies who may then find you to take you to court.

Before You Start To Download

Before downloading your Torrent content you need: To download a good torrent client, I recommend qBittorrent which is free and open source. Secure your Internet connection with a VPN to download in a completely unidentified way. I selected the VPN providers that support the Torrent and practice a Zero Log policy. This means they do not keep track of your activity on their servers. Now Search for downloadable content, such as movies, series, albums, on a good Torrents site to launch your first download.

Let’s go!

Install the qBittorrent client on your computer

After downloading qBittorrent, launch the installation by double-clicking on the resulting file and let the installation wizard guide you. Click next and starting the installation of qBittorrent. Accept the Terms of Service and click next. Agree to the terms of use of qBittorrent. Leave the default settings and then Next. Finally, click Install. When finished then click Close. A small warning message reminding that downloading is bad. Click I accept. The installation is now complete. You can start qBittorrent through the shortcut on your desktop or in your Windows Start screen. Download a Torrent movie – The qBittorent interface. But before downloading there are still 2, 3 things to do!

Secure your connection with your VPN to hide your IP address

The downloading of content protected by copyright is sanctioned by the law via the Hadopi commission. This commission has the necessary means to identify the authors of illegal downloads made in some countries. It does this in cooperation with the access providers. To download without risk of sanctions, in case you accidentally download a movie protected by copyright, you must install a VPN on your computer. VPN makes your activity completely anonymous. The implementation is very simple, it’s
cheap and it has the added benefit of securing your computer when you are connected to the Internet, especially when you do it via a public Wi-Fi (Station, Airport, Train, Hotel,). Once you have installed your VPN then simply choose from a list the VPN server on which you want to connect and voila. You have to connect to a server located in a country not looking too much on the download. Download Torrent Movie – ExpressVPN.

Where to find Torrent files to download.

qBittorent is installed, your connection is secure thanks to the VPN, now remains to find download sources. I propose in this example the site Torrent9 but you can test other Torrent directories. After selecting a movie, just click on the big Download Torrent button. A small file of only a few kilobytes will be downloaded to your computer. It is not yet your film but the reference file that is used right after.

Download a movie with qBittorrent

Return to qBittorent and go to File> Add torrent file. QBittorrent menu. Locate the .Torrent file that you downloaded and select it. Then select the directory where you want to download your Movie, Series, and Music. In this example, I download the movie directly to my NAS. Click OK and go! The download is added to the download queue in the Torrent> Download section on the left pane of the software. The download can take a minute to start well, the time to find sources but after that deposits. For example, I am already at 1.2 MB / s; the animation film of 700 MB will be downloaded in less than 10 minutes.

The Torrent goes very fast! Once completed your file continues to be a source on the P2P network. If you do not want to share it click on the STOP button. By default, your download is shared with the network. You find your movie in the download directory that you previously selected. You can delete the .torrent file which will be of no use to you. Your movie is ready for viewing.

And here we go to a movie. Tip to save time you can directly double click on the .torrent files you download to automatically launch the download in qBittorent.


I hope this tutorial has allowed you to see more clearly on the technique to download a torrent.

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